Social Work practices such as feeding the hungry; visiting the sick and the imprisoned, hosting immigrants and helping the poor have been and is one of the  major tasks the church the church since the time of the old Testament. In our globalized time, these social problems have even been worse than ever. This justifies the necessity of creating world class Social workers who could plan, mobilize resources and lead the Social work activities by combining the principles christianity and the science of Social Work.

The is the Fundamental course for the Department of Sociology and Social-work. It covers the formation of Society, classical and modern social theories, the meaning and development of social-work,  as well as general social-work principles and practices.

It is the second course for the department of Social-work. The Prerequisite is Introduction to Sociology and Social-work (SOWK101). The course covers the history and philosophy of social structure, the conflicts among social groups, the formation and classification of Social Institutions and Society in the 21st century.