Core courses, also called general/common courses are those group of courses which are given for all students irrespective of their specialization. The goal is to develop in learners the generic skills that each graduate should demonstrate as an enlightened person. In other words, it is the effect of these courses that distinguishes scholars from the uneducated.

Ethics is one of the multi disciplinary studies that attract the attentions of educators, who see the paramount importance of developing the civic and ethical knowledge, skills and convictions of students along with professional developments. As the course is designed to enrich some of the soft skills deemed useful for all types of professional trainings it is now made one of the supportive courses taken by all types of undergraduate students.  It is intended to contribute to the making of well-informed, competent and responsible citizens. The course encompasses six chapters which deal with various multidisciplinary issues aimed at creating critical, informed, open-minded, creative, active and participatory citizens in general and professional with high level of professional integrity.

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JIC Student Moodle Orientation Course is designed to introduce you with the fundamental concepts of Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (Moodle); and equip you with the necessary skills that are essential to successfully attend and complete your preferred studies at our college. The course only take 30 Minutes, and should be completed before you get started any course in the curriculum.

Critical Reasoning usually known as Logic is a fundamental course given across disciplines. Learning logic makes you a kind of person who thinks critically, analyzes rationally; communicates clearly and accurately; as well as judges carefully with the art of reason and innovation. This is indeed the very essence of education. The course covers contents such as: Definition and meaning; inductive and deductive arguments; formal and informal fallacies

Advanced English Writing Skills is one of the core courses designed to prepare student researchers to produce world class Academic Journals that can be published in a reputable journals worldwide. The course includes topics such as sentence and clauses; paragraph development, planning a writing project, designing outline, writing various types of essays, Editing; proof reading; as well as the the features of good abstract and basic components of a winning  journal article.

The course gives a general gist of the connection between God and its people in the Old Testament. It gives a chronological account of the books in the Old Testament.

It gives a general account of the New Testament. It includes a short commentary on the contents, writer's, characteristics and classifications of the Four Gospels, the book of Acts, the epistles of the apostles; and the book of revelation.

Social Research Methods is one of the core courses given to all students of JIC across the departments. It gives a general overview of research in general, and treats the topics of social research in detail. The course covers thinking research, research design, proposal writing, research approaches, methodology and methods, research report, citation and reference, as well as presenting and defending the thesis.